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Britest and Micropore announce licence agreement

The internationally recognised leading exponent of whole process design for the process industries, UK-based Britest Limited, has entered into a licensing agreement with Micropore Technologies, to allow Micropore to use a defined set of Britest’s established process understanding tools. In conjunction with their own proprietary technologies, this will enable Micropore to create models to support their internal evaluation of potential applications. Britest will also provide technical development support for Micropore clients.

Britest Limited was established as a not-for-profit SME company in 2001 to retain and manage the intellectual property arising from a UK collaborative research project and enable further development and deployment of the “Britest Toolkit”: a set of innovative tools and methodologies to analyse product development and manufacturing processes to show where and how major improvements could be made. Since then, Britest has developed into a leading international authority on process innovation with advocates drawn from a diverse range of global industry sectors and academic institutions. Following the adoption of a revised strategy to broaden engagement with industry and academia in mid-2019, the Britest approach remains an exemplary model for how outputs from Research and Innovation projects can be effectively exploited.

Being able to use Britest Tools as part of our support will help our customers get the most from our products.

Dai Hayward, CEO of Micropore Technologies

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