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Innocore to deploy Micropore technology in the production of a new generation of long acting injectable drugs

Micropore Technologies today announced a Collaboration & Licence Agreement with InnoCore Technologies BV, Groningen, The Netherlands to deploy its patented technology, for the manufacture of InnoCore’s SynBiosys® long acting injectable drugs.

InnoCore has developed sophisticated biodegradable polymer formulation technologies for long acting injectable, sustained release microparticle-based drug delivery products. Its SynBiosys® biodegradable polymer platform enables systemic and site-specific parenteral drug delivery of small molecule, peptide and protein drugs with extended release duration from days up to several months.
Micropore’s patented, GMP standard, high-throughput membrane encapsulation technology will allow InnoCore to continuously produce precisely controlled high-quality encapsulated products at volumes previously only possible using traditional homogenisation techniques, but with significantly more predictability and significantly higher yields and reduced processing costs.
Through enabling InnoCore to process more evenly sized micro-particles, Micropore’s equipment will result in products offering more precisely controllable dose levels with narrower release time parameters because unwanted rupture variability in the product can be virtually eliminated.
In addition, because Micropore’s unique patented technology is based on a crossflow technique utilising tubular membranes, with no moving parts, the minimal shear forces involved in producing the microcapsules will help to protect the sensitive biological drugs that InnoCore’s microparticle products incorporate from processing damage – significantly reducing wastage (which can be up to 50% using traditional encapsulation techniques) also reducing processing energy by around a 30% - all of which will contribute to a positive impact on the end cost of InnoCore’s products.

We are delighted with this symbiotic collaboration. We have been looking for the opportunity to demonstrate the inherent advantages of our technology in a cGMP application. Our capability of delivering near-monodispersity in formulations and encapsulated particles will enable InnoCore to optimise the efficacy of their long acting injectable controlled-release formulations and facilitate scale-up for high volume throughput production

Dai Hayward, CEO Micropore

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