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Micropore announces plan to establish in India’s pharma capital

Following a DTI led UK trade mission in September 2019 and discussions with the Department of Industry & Commerce for the state of Telangana, Micropore announced at BioAsia 2020 that it will be setting up in the southern Indian state to supply its award-winning membrane emulsification technology.

Micropore is already active in the Indian market and setting up in Hyderabad is a logical next expansion for the business. The company’s revolutionary, patented technology is ideal for handling sensitive bio-actives. Emulsions produced through the Micropore system can be post-processed and turned into microcapsules for a variety of active drug delivery systems, with the highly uniform capsule sizes produced behaving in exactly the same way, thus reducing unwanted rupture variability in pharma products.

This enhanced production capability, together with the opportunity for significantly reducing material costs and hugely improved energy efficiency is ideally suited to the production of pharmaceuticals, with obvious attractions for the largest manufacturers of generic drugs in the world. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in India is concentrated in the state of Telangana and Hyderabad is recognised as the hub for the country’s growing pharma industry, accounting for 35% of national pharma production. ​

​Dai Hayward, Micropore's CEO shown meeting Mr K T Rama, Minister for Industry & Commerce for the state of Telangana, at BioAsia 2020

This is great news for both us and the Indian pharma industry. The opportunities for Micropore’s value-adding, more sustainable, technology to help the dynamic growth of this important sector to the economy of Telangana and to support the ‘Make in India’ programme, are only going to increase over the next few years. Not only is there a burgeoning domestic demand for pharma products in India but, perhaps more importantly, as the next wave of biologics loses global patent protection over the next few years, new manufacturing opportunities will open up to supply biosimilar drugs to the international pharmaceutical market.

Dai Hayward, CEO Micropore

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