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Micropore named as Global Britain Business Champion by Heathrow Airport

As a global business that has spent many hundreds of hours travelling across the world from Heathrow Airport over recent years, this award recognises the pioneering role that Micropore Technologies is playing on the global stage. Micropore’s unique particle engineering expertise is deployed in the production of the lipid nanoparticles, such as those found in the COVID-19 vaccine; and stands to revolutionise the manufacture of a wide range of future pharmaceutical products.

From Japan to California and 30 countries in between, Micropore has found that there is demand right across the world for the biopharmaceutical standard, high-throughput technology it has developed. This technology offers the capability of producing mRNA vaccines and long acting, controlled release drugs under precise control. Micropore’s uniform and tailored drug particle sizes are not only suitable for early-stage development but also the manufacturing of delicate pharmaceutical formulations at much higher volumes – all with a saving of over 85% energy compared with other processes and without destroying fragile materials such as mRNA. Micropore is hopeful that its technology for making products less expensively, using less energy and with zero waste, will be a game changer in global pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We are delighted with the recognition of the role that a relatively young business like ourselves is playing on behalf of British industry, on the world stage. We are pioneers in our field and the international connections that a global hub like Heathrow Airport provides has been critical to our expansion and our ability to be able to service our customers worldwide

Dai Hayward, Micropore CEO

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