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No mRNA degradation in LNP production using Micropore mixing technology

The critical issue in making mRNA vaccines or, indeed, any other RNA product is in the ability to control the mixing of a formulation of, typically, four lipids in solution with the mRNA in a buffer solution without damaging the delicate mRNA.

Operating at low pressure (requiring typically 85% lower energy than alternative technologies), independent research at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland lead by Dr Yvonne Perrie has demonstrated that, Micropore’s membrane-based crossflow devices deliver no detectable degradation to mRNA, which is widely acknowledged to be very sensitive to energy inputs.
In the image, Ladder 1 shows mRNA before manufacture. Ladder 2 shows mRNA extracted from LNP after manufacture.
This is an exciting result for vaccine manufacturers because it demonstrates that crossflow membrane mixing could open the door to the cost-efficient mass production of a whole new generation of LNP-based therapeutics.

“no mRNA degradation detected” at manufacturing scale


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