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The award-winning AXF-Mini is revolutionising biochemical engineering

The smallest unit in the Micropore range of crossflow micromixing devices, is winning fans worldwide.

The Micropore AXF Mini is a starting point for formulating using crossflow membrane technology, or for low volume production runs to continuously manufacture of up to 20L/hr of mono-dispersed formulations.

Crossflow membrane

Offering the same tightly controlled particle size precision that is a feature of all Micropore's crossflow devices. The Micropore AXF-mini system incorporates a precision engineered tubular membrane. In simple terms the shear required for droplet formation is generated from the flow of the continuous phase through the device.

Creating mRNA encapsulated particles

Lipid Nano Particle

In the case of making mRNA vaccines or, indeed, any other RNA product the critical parameter is the ability to control the mixing of a formulation of, typically, four lipids in solution with the mRNA in a buffer solution without damaging the delicate mRNA.

No degradation to mRNA

Operating at low pressure (requiring typically 85% lower energy than alternative technologies), independent research at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland lead by Dr Yvonne Perrie has demonstrated that, Micropore’s membrane-based crossflow devices deliver no detectable degradation to mRNA, which is widely acknowledged to be very sensitive to energy inputs. This is an exciting result for vaccine manufacturers because it demonstrates that crossflow membrane mixing could open the door to the cost-efficient mass production of a whole new generation of LNP-based therapeutics.

RNA trace

Engineered for aseptic cGMP precision

The AXF-mini’s 316 electropolished stainless steel body, with ergonomic triclamps (rather than push-fit or screwed) connections, allows for easy sterilisation.
With no moving parts, it is an elegant, robust and easy to maintain device for continuously manufacturing high quality emulsions
The internal tubular membrane is precision engineered with laser drilled pores along its length, allowing for the manufacture of near mono-dispersed particles/droplets (CV in the range 12-15%).

Phase concentration of up to 40% and more

  • Production volume capacity of between 0.06 and 20L/hr
  • Low energy use
  • Set up data from the AXF-Mini can be directly transferred to higher-throughput devices in the AXF range for higher volume production runs

Laser engineered membranes


All Micropore equipment uses precision engineered stainless steel membranes. These membranes provide:

  • Tightly controlled pore size
  • No tortuous paths
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust
  • Pore sizes ranging from 3 - 350µm


Micro mixing

In this application the membrane is used to control the degree of micromixing to enable precise self-assembly (in the case of liposomes or Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), or to control solvent exchange (in the case of crystallisation).

Manufacture of microspheres & microcapsules

In this application of Micropore’s technology the membrane is used to control the size of microspheres and microcapsules produced by providing a gentle shear force to deform and detach the droplets as they form through the pores.

Membrane emulsification

Fully scalable results

Reproducibility graph

Larger throughput Micropore XF equipment can be specified and set-up using data generated on the Micropore AXF-Mini. This allows production to be readily scaled up to a manufacturing process offering:

  • Continuous production process
  • Kilo liter/ year capability
  • Small footprint
  • cGMP / FDA ready

Micropore Technologies AXF-Mini key facts

  • Elegant, robust, small footprint, ultra-low maintenance equipment with no moving parts, that is easy to set up and keep clean, for continuous manufacturing.
  • Specifically designed for applications where high levels of hygiene, including GMP, are important. SS316 & PTFE parts for high material compatibility and simple sterilisation
  • Fed by low pressure pumps with options for contactless flow and gentle ingredient handling.
  • The internal stainless steel tubular membranes are precision engineered with pores along their length to deliver continuous streams of near mono-dispersed droplets at controllable dimensions between 10 and 1000 microns for either oil-in-water or water-in oil dispersions
  • Capable of continuous production 0.06 and 20L/hr
  • Low energy energy consumption with minimal processing wastage and preservation of sensitive materials
  • Tight control and operational flexibility
  • Operational stability under different flow rates:
    - Disperse phase hold-up volume 0.1mL
    - Continuous phase hold-up volume 0.3mL
    - Minimum disperse phase aliquot 0.2mL
    - Volume to achieve steady state operation 0.2mL
  • Training available

Micropore works closely with clients to optimise particle size and performance in their formulations. We have a full product offering from lab, through development and pilot scale to full scale manufacturing. Results generated in the lab with Micropore equipment are directly scalable to full scale manufacturing in contract with most scale-up regimes.


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