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Micropore has over 100 years of accumulated expertise in the formulation of drug product delivery systems. In pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals this covers the full range from relatively simple trans-dermal emulsion systems to the most complex and demanding micro- and nano-particle injectables. Our expertise, together with our patented technology, enables us to reduce costs, shorten development times and improve performance.

We can help you engineer your ideal delivery formulation whatever the mechanism you choose:

  • Nanoparticles
  • Microspheres
  • Microcapsules
  • Emulsions
  • Double emulsions

We value working in close partnership evaluating both your formulation and process to achieve the optimal delivery system. We work up to the point where GMP becomes a requirement and then, to ensure a smooth technology transfer, work with you directly or with your chosen manufacturing partner.

Micropore’s expertise is also relevant to a range of other market sectors, where high quality, cost-effective formulated products are required.

Micropore Particle Engineering

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Micropore Technologies

Some really interesting work being done, using the Micropore LDC-1, by our clients in Grenoble University https://t.co/ixOUio9GuY #microcapsules

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Micropore Technologies

Biodegradable hydrogel microspheres can be used in applications from cell encapsulation to personal care products. These were manufactured in our lab using our continuous CXF-1 device – allowing for easy process scale up! https://t.co/xdqgFV2oIz

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Micropore Technologies

Not only does our equipment produce more monodisperse emulsions than #homogenisation, it also uses much less power! https://t.co/gTJBvpFcSr

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At Micropore we enjoy working in partnership with our clients to solve formulation challenges and deliver the highest performing, most sustainable, most cost-effective formulated delivery systems.

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