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  • Single Device

    The AXF™ Mini. One device for discovery, preclinical & clinical stages. Start at 0.5mL or less. Turn it up to 10-20mL. And finally up-scale to 100’s mL.

  • Scale-up Made Simple

    From inception to manufacturing. Consistent mechanism, conditions & geometry.

  • Robust & Simple to Operate

    Technology that just works. No moving parts. No single-use plastic. No hassle.

  • Global Service

    Rapid delivery. Unrivalled formulation expertise. Support throughout your journey.

Nano medicine and micro medicine production made simple

Nano Medicines

Micropore’s range of AXF™(advanced crossflow) equipment is a next generation, fully scalable technology that utilises consistent physics, mechanisms, conditions and geometry from development at micro litre scale all the way to industrial scale units capable of outputting billions of doses.

By starting with the end in mind, and scaling down, this transformative technology reduces the variability in CQAs between and within the different stages of the drug development pipeline. It also reduces the risk of needing to reformulate. From the low shear micro mixing required for the production of mRNA loaded lipid nano particles; to dispersed biodegradable PLGA particles with a narrower size distribution, Micropore’s patented crossflow membrane technology is revolutionising the world of product formulation.

Micropore Particle Engineering

In pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, we do much more than the demanding micro- and nanoparticle injectables. Micropore has over 100 years of accumulated expertise in the formulation of different drug product delivery systems.

We can help you engineer your ideal delivery formulation whatever the method you choose:

  • Microspheres
  • Microcapsules
  • Emulsions
  • Crystallisation

Got a Challenge?

At Micropore we enjoy working in partnership with our clients to solve formulation challenges and deliver the highest performing, most sustainable, most cost-effective formulated delivery systems.

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Latest from Micropore

ATA Scientific partner with Micropore Technologies

13th March 2023

Micropore Technologies is delighted to announce an exciting new distribution partnership with Australian specialist laboratory equipment provider ATA Scientific for its advanced membrane-based crossflow technology.

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