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    Low energy LNP manufacturing to safely encapsulate mRNA with LNPs

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Partner with us to discover how to safely encapsulate mRNA with LNPs

Lipid Nanoparticles ensure the safe delivery of mRNA into the body. However, conventional high shear processes run the risk of degrading these fragile biomolecules during the encapsulation process. Ruptured mRNA molecules pose not only an added expense through higher dosage requirements, but potentially also serious health concerns as fragments beginning with methionine will still be translated within transfected cells, resulting in the production of unintended proteins.

Micropore’s CrossFlow technology gently encapsulates mRNA in a continuous, low shear environment. A recent study at Strathclyde University evaluated the CrossFlow process for LNP formulation, detecting no mRNA degradation, even at manufacturing scale. Our technology suite scales seamlessly from benchtop R&D to commercial manufacturing and can be viewed here

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At Micropore we enjoy working in partnership with our clients to solve formulation challenges and deliver the highest performing, most sustainable, most cost-effective formulated delivery systems.

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Micropore Particle Engineering

In pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, we do much more than the demanding micro- and nanoparticle injectables. Micropore has over 100 years of accumulated expertise in the formulation of different drug product delivery systems.

We can help you engineer your ideal delivery formulation whatever the method you choose:

  • Microspheres
  • Microcapsules
  • Emulsions
  • Crystallisation





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