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Micropore announces launch of new integrated crossflow DOE device

The AXF™ Pathfinder, which is scheduled to be available from December 2022, will be a benchtop system, based on Micropore’s well-established AXF-mini crossflow nano/micro-mixing device, which generates high throughput formulation development samples using an intuitive software platform to deliver DOE samples into a standard multi-well plate.

The AXF™ Pathfinder will benefit from the AXF™mini’s extremely low internal volume to minimise waste both during start-up and during operation. Start-up waste is approx 400 μL.

Constructed of 316L stainless steel it will require no consumables except for PTFE o-rings and will be controllable through a single software application installed on a control PC. This will enable the sharing of data, on screen and in real time, with colleagues through MS Team or similar. The AXF™ Pathfinder has been designed so that operation is as intuitive as possible, minimising the need for extensive training.

There are a number of preset operating conditions, but the AXF™ Pathfinder also allows the user to set their own operating parameters. A cleaning cycle is also included.

There are two principal modes of operation for sample collection – ‘Discover’ mode and ‘Develop’ mode.

  • Discover mode minimises the amount of waste material generated during an initial formulation development and analysis phase. Typical sample size can be around 400 μL.
  • Develop mode enables larger samples for in depth analysis and in vitro and in vivo studies. Individual samples size can be up to 20 mL.

Regulatory Compliance
The AXF™ platform was designed to enable the clinical and commercial manufacturing of genomic medicines. The AXF™ Pathfinder unit is manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO9001 and Micropore Technologies has an established track record of providing timely support to help our customers meet country- or region-specific regulatory requirements needs.

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