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Vaccine Technologies Update webinar

Dai Hayward from Micropore will be one of the presenters for the RACI (Royal Australian Chemical Institute) NSW Pharmaceutical Science Group Vaccine Technologies Update webinar Wednesday 14 June

Recent developments in RNA R&D and manufacturing in NSW

Prof Pall Thordarson, Director, RNA Institute UNSW

In mid-2022, I gave a webinar for the RACI NSW Pharmaceutical Science group on the plans from both the NSW Government and other governments around the country on establishing onshore manufacturing capabilities in RNA therapeutics, including mRNA vaccine project.

In the 12 months since I gave this presentation, the plans both here in NSW and across the country have moved considerably and the first GMP manufacturing facilities (yes – that is a plural) for RNA products will be online within the next 1-2 years. Here in NSW the tender has been completed for the operation of a pilot-scale GMP RNA production facility to be built on land provided by Macquarie University and the detailed plans for that facilities are being finalised as we speak.

Meanwhile in the RNA developmental space, we seen a number of large scale mRNA project and program initiated including one focused on domestically produced animal vaccine that could then become one of the first, if not the first animal mRNA vaccine in the world. These and other key recent developments in the NSW RNA “ecosystem” will be covered in this talk.

Towards distributed manufacture of nanomedicines

Dr Dai Hayward,CEO Micropore Technologies

As nanomedicines move from the urgency of mRNA vaccines, to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, to other exciting nucleotide therapies two significant issues need to be addressed before nanomedicines become truly mainstream therapies; tissue targeting and robust scalability from discovery to manufacture.

This presentation will address the importance of resolving the latter issue as a means of imparting high levels of control, in a formulation agnostic manner, to allow scale-appropriate optimisation of formulations for therapeutic outcomes with no compromises. Micropore Technologies’ established approach to development and manufacture of a variety of nanoparticles will be discussed. A novel whole-process approach, unlocking a route to distributed manufacturing, will be described.

This webinar is essential viewing for medicinal research scientists in the academic and private sectors as well as manufacturing, QA, laboratory and regulatory personnel in established therapeutic goods organisations.

Registration is via the linkhere.

Follow the instructions and which fields to complete as an RACI member or non-member with care.Members with an RACI account should enter their Username and Password and follow subsequent instructions.Non-members will initially need to “Create a new account” and also follow subsequent instructions.

This webinar is free for members and students with a $10 charge made for non- RACI members.

Registrations close at COB, Monday 12 June.Owing to webinar setup activities, later registration applications cannot be accepted.

The webinar will open to attendees from 4.20 pm.

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